1.2 Drops Are Up


Hey everyone! Just thought I'd drop in with a little "We're still around" post. I'm sure you've probably seen them by now if you've been looking, but we have (mostly) full loot tables for all of the new instances in 1.2. Drops for Normal Mode Doctor Lorrick are slightly incomplete, though. I'm assuming he also drops offhand weapons, but haven't yet confirmed which ones. If you've seen them, feel free to drop us a line at torloot@gmail.com. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Posted by V on 5/8/2012

Loots Galore!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's been a super busy month for us, and we have added tons of new drops to the site. All of the operation loot lists are filled out (normal mode and hard mode) as well as flashpoints (hard mode). We updated the Kaon Under Siege list today as well-- the Expulser Droid now drops a Xenotech belt in hard mode instead of a Columi head token (Boo!). We still have plenty work to do filling out the non-50 instance drops, but the lists are pretty much complete for max-level characters. As always, if you know of anything that should be added or corrected on our site, drop an e-mail to torloot@gmail.com. Happy hunting!

Posted by Zandiya on 2/15/2012

Hey everyone. The newest round of site design improvements are now live. The biggest change is that you can now filter by role for classes that have multiple roles. We've also cleaned up our data in general to stomp out some mistakes we've made here and there, and implemented new styles for our item links. We always appreciate feedback. Drop us a line at torloot@gmail.com or on our topic on the official community forums with any questions or comments.

Posted by V on 1/2/2012

Loot Table Updates


Hey guys. Hope you've been enjoying early access as much as we have. We've been leveling hard since we got in to try and fill out the loot tables a little more. We've got educated assumption tables filled in for Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders, and we're both off all this week to try and dig up some drops for the instances we haven't seen yet. Our characters are Veala and Zandiya on Correllian Run, send us a tell if you want to say hi (or if you want to link us a drop you just found :) Happy Hunting folks!

Posted by V on 12/19/2011

Hey guys, the first wave of site design improvements that we've been working on is now up. Hopefully all of our content is just a little bit easier to read now. Feedback is always welcome at torloot@gmail.com or in our topic in the Community Creations forums on the official TOR site. Make sure and drop by our Facebook/Google+ pages to like or +1 the site, too (or use the buttons conveniently located up top). You stay classy Sith Empire. I guess you Republic guys are welcome too ;) As always, thanks for stopping by.

Posted by V on 12/6/2011