"Hello all! So we've been hitting the lowbie Flashpoints hard this weekend and got at least one drop into all of the classes. Still quite thin, but now you can have a look at the instance loot tables and at least have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to find there for your class. We're hoping to hit up Hammer Station before the weekend is over. If you'd like to help out, send us your loot screenshots (preferably with the boss who dropped them's name and Flashpoint) to torloot@gmail.com. Happy hunting!"

Posted by V on 11/27/2011

Tor-Loot is live!


"Hey guys, the site is officially live now! Unfortunately, we're a little lacking in the content department. If you want to see the formats we'll be using, the Trooper and Consular classes currently have a couple items under them (because those are the drops I saw in my one instance run last weekend =p). If you'd like to help fill out the database a little, send us a screenshot of any Flashpoint drops you come accross to torloot@gmail.com. Thanks guys!"

Posted by V on 11/24/2011