Darth Ikoral

Lightsaber of the Force SavantLightsaberMain Hand/Off HandNormal
Lower Robe of the Force SavantLight ArmorLegsNormal
Red Reaper Specialist's HelmetHeavy ArmorHeadNormal
Hood of Calculated WarHeavy ArmorHeadNormal
Red Reaper Sniper RifleSniper RifleMain HandNormal
Boots of Unstoppable WarHeavy ArmorFeetNormal
Double-Saber of Avenging WrathDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Jacket of LethalityMedium ArmorChestNormal
Red Reaper Fusion RifleBlaster RifleMain HandNormal
Red Reaper Searing RifleBlaster RifleMain HandNormal
Double-Saber of DeceptionDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Robe of the Force SavantLight ArmorChestNormal
Red Reaper Awareness FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Red Reaper Shock ChestplateHeavy ArmorChestNormal
Red Reaper Shock GauntletsHeavy ArmorHandsNormal